This one pickup semihollow enables the player to get the full acoutic sound of the guitar.


The Cléroux Semi Hollow is the perfect balance between an archtop jazz guitar and a solid body electric guitar.

This handcrafted guitar showcases a fully arched top sculpted by hand using traditionnal violin lutherie techniques. This provides the guitarist with all the depth of sound of an archtop guitar on a remarkably thin and lightweight instrument.


This guitar is a true delight to hold and play with. 



This design is my humble hommage to my mentor Stephen Marchione. The Cléroux Semi Hollow is my take on this iconic model, in which the shape of the body, f-holes and arch were fully reinterpreted following my personal aesthetic ideals. 



Fully arched top, bridge and tailpiece, all sculpted by hand using traditional tools and techniques


Enjoy the unique depth and full-bodied tone of an archtop guitar in a thin and lightweight instrument you will want to bring everywhere!

Semi Hollow Jazz Cléroux

12 800,00C$Prix
    • Année de fabrication: 2018
    • Type de joint de caisse: Set neck jointé à la 14e frette
    • Type de finition: Polyuréthane lustré
    • Corps: Acajou
    • Table d'harmonie: Épinette Englemann
    • Manche: Acajou
    • Touche: Ébène
    • Plaque de tête: Ébène
    • Incrustation de tête : Nacre
    • Filets de caisse: Noir
    • Profile de manche: C
    • Largeur de manche au sillet: 42mm
    • Matériel de sillet: Os
    • Épaisseur 1er frette: 20,4mm
    • Épaisseur 9e frette: 22mm
    • Espacement de corde: 53mm
    • Dimention de frette: 90X55
    • Matériel de frette: Acier inoxidable
    • Radius de touche: 9,5 à 12 pouces
    • Renfort de manche: Truss rod double action et tige de carbone
    • Pont : Ébène
    • Marqueur de frettes: Marqueur de côté
    • Clefs: Waverly nickel avec bouton ébène
    • Pickguard: Non
    • Pickup: Tone Specific jazzy 57 (neck)
    • Configuration Électronique: 1 volume, 1 tone
    • Grosseur de cordes: 12-54 sonotone
    • Longeur de corde: 25,5 pouces
    • Longueur de caisse: 483mm
    • Largeur aux épaules: 389mm
    • Largeur du grand lobe: 380mm
    • Longeur totale: 1020 mm
    • Case: Custom Cléroux Mainstage fiberglass case (inclu)
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