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Brand new Concert Classical Guitar built from a stunning set of Indian Rosewood with a subtle ‘Waterfall’ figure most usually seen on rare Bubinga pieces. It is the first guitar to feature the new mosaic rosette design, incorporating side-grain that shimmers much more under light than the traditional end-grain used in guitar mosaics.


This flagship model has deep and imposing basses, without compromising the quality of the higher notes, up to the last fret. The piano-like sensitivity and sustain make it suitable for the modern repertoire, but it excels especially at contrapuntal pieces. As with each guitar built by Joel Barbeau, it features laminated sides and a carbon neck reinforcement with a light cedar core. This ensures a strong and stable instrument that is sure to last a very long time.


Exceptional playability and impeccable craftsmanship, from the woodwork to the traditional shellac finish. Built with a modern sound in mind and a tasteful mix of both contemporary and traditional esthetic elements, it is sure to please the most discerning of musicians. 


Joel Barbeau has been building guitars under his own name since 2012, when he graduated from the Bruand School of Lutherie after having completed a 3-year program. Measuring and fine-tuning each component is an important part of the building process, making sure to improve on each previous model. Specializing in nylon stringed instruments, he strives to build concert instruments suited to the needs of the serious musician that will stand the test of time.

Classique Joel Barbeau Luthier

6 000,00C$Prix
    • Année de fabrication: 2019
    • No de série: 24
    • Type de joint de caisse: Manche vissé 
    • Type de finition: Poli français
    • Dos/éclisses: Palissandre Indien
    • Table d'harmonie: Épinette allemand
    • Manche: Acajou
    • Touche: Ébène
    • Profile de manche: D
    • Largeur de manche au sillet: 52mm
    • Matériel de sillet: Os
    • Épaisseur 1er frette: 21mm
    • Épaisseur 9e frette: 24mm
    • Espacement de corde: 57mm
    • Dimention de frette: Medium
    • Matériel de frette: Nickel
    • Renfort de manche: Fibre de carbone avec un coeur en cèdre
    • Pont : Noyer Ébonisé
    • Marqueur de frettes: Marqueur de côté
    • Clefs: Sloane or fait main avec roullements
    • Pickguard: Non
    • Grosseur de cordes: Tension normale
    • Longeur de corde: 650mm
    • Longueur de caisse: 490mm
    • Largeur aux épaules: 275mm
    • Largeur du grand lobe: 362mm
    • Longeur totale: 1000mm
    • Case: (en option)
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